The Vocal Master Class

The master class continues to be a venue in which young singers, teachers, performing professionals, and audience members can benefit from interacting with each other.  The American Academy of Teachers of Singing has compiled recommendations for structuring such events to create a successful and inspiring learning environment for all those involved.  The categories include the …

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Promoting Vocal Health in the Production of High School Music Theater

Music theater is a popular art form, especially for high school music departments.  This material, however, is typically written for trained and experienced professionals. Schools and other organizations must be careful as they choose these shows for younger, developing voices to ensure a positive and healthy experience for the students. In this article, AATS discusses …

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Teaching Children to Sing

Singing is a natural and spontaneous activity for a majority of children. The American Academy of Teachers of Singing supports and encourages the teaching of children to sing. As in other activities in which youngsters are involved, singing can be accomplished on many levels from recreational to professional. At all levels, however, there should be …

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Leaving One Teacher for Another

This paper offers guidelines for determining if changing voice teachers might be appropriate. A discussion of basic studio outcomes is presented to help students evaluate the work with their teachers. Ethics and procedures for leaving a teacher are also presented.

Finding the Perfect Teacher

Successful teaching and learning require an appropriate match between a student’s needs and a teacher’s expertise. Expertise with style, languages, and voice development as well as personality are among factors for consideration as the student looks for a good match in a teacher. Information is presented on The Nature of Voice Study, Some Factors to …

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