AATS Awards for COVID-19 Response

ENO Breathe

The American Academy of Teachers of Singing is pleased to recognize ENO Breathe with an inaugural AATS Award for COVID-19 Response for “creating an innovative and compassionate effort between the arts and medicine to help relieve the suffering of individuals experiencing long term post-COVID respiratory and anxiety problems.” The AATS Awards were created “to recognize, honor, and nurture outstanding accomplishment in the teaching of singing and in allied professions.”

  • Jenny Mollica, Director of English National Opera Baylis
  • Sarah Elkins, Respiratory Consultant and Director of Integrated Care at Imperial NHS Trust, lead doctor
  • Suzi Zumpe, Creative Director of ENO Breathe


“This extraordinary effort by The English National Opera in conjunction with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust deserves recognition because of the creative and compassionate development of a program utilizing the collaboration of arts and medicine to the relief of human suffering,” said Academy member Margaret Baroody. “This exceptional program, which, because of a successful trial is being expanded and offered for free to those referred by a physician, was developed in a time of societal crisis and upheaval affecting the physical and economic health of a nation as well as the world. This effort represents the ability of the human spirit to meet and overcome the worst of challenges and demonstrates the potential power of the arts in the physical and emotional healing of disease.”

The ENO Breathe program has reinforced the intrinsic place that the arts offer to healing and well-being. Its collaborative structure is at the point of being able to be shared internationally and addresses the less recognized issues of individuals who have long-term suffering, both physical and psychological, due to COVID.


AATS Awards for COVID-19 Response

Ian Howell for his work with low-latency platforms and associated technology, and broad dissemination of instruction in its use, permitting widespread applications that have allowed successful teaching and performing in remote settings (https://www.ianhowellcountertenor.com).

International Coalition Performing Arts Aerosol Study for their research on aerosol transmission to inform safety protocol measures for music performance practices during the COVID-19 pandemic (https://www.nfhs.org/articles/unprecedented-international-coalition-led-by-performing-arts-organizations-to-commission-covid-19-study/