Glendower Jones

The American Academy of Teachers of Singing is pleased to recognize Glendower Jones with a 2022 AATS Award “in recognition of your service to the profession through publication of and access to vocal music. The singing and voice teaching community is grateful for the great care you have taken in keeping historic material available and in championing publication of new works.”



Glendower Jones

Glendower Jones (Classical Vocal Reprints) has been a longtime advocate and friend to the voice teaching and singing community. He has provided invaluable personalized service to the profession through publication of and access to vocal music and has kept material available that otherwise might have been lost to the profession. His specialization in diverse and historic repertoire and his championing of contemporary American composers is particularly notable and valued.

Upon receiving the award, Glendower acknowledged others who have made his work possible. “I would like to thank all of the vocal community of singers, teachers, composers and editors that have supported me and Classical Vocal Reprints for the past 35 years. I am also grateful to my dear wife, Marthe Grice, who wraps the packages every day and takes them to the post office. Also, I am indebted to Walter Foster (Recital Publications) and Barbara Jackson (ClarNan Editions) for entrusting me to carry on the dissemination of the publications that they rescued from oblivion!  I must not fail to mention my gratitude to all of the music publishers and distributors of the world that keep publishing vocal music under these most difficult and uncertain times of publishing anything!”